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Deploy ChatGPT in Your Ecosystem

Harness the power of LLMs without sharing your data

Enhance your product user experience and charm users

Chat Analytics

Use free form chat to generate charts, fetch data, analyize and more

Data Pilot ChatGPT Integration

Data Privacy

Enjoy comprehensive LLM features like GPT-3,4, and Llama-2 securely in your environment, without the costly endeavor of deploying your own large language model.

Context Aware

Maintain full context awareness similar to using ChatGPT, while ensuring complete data privacy.

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Integrating DataPilot is effortless

We configure DataPilot to work with your schemas and other data structures.

We then integrate DataPilot with your Databases and key systems.

Setup an internal RAG and embedding system

Finally, we set up an internal RAG and query embedding system to dramatically reduce your LLM usage cost.

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Making GenAI accessible to everyone

"At first, we were extremely skeptical of how DataPilot can make an impact because we've been fine for 20 years. "

However, in under 3 months, SkuCaster produced a forecasting model that exceeded our expectations and saved us a lot of time and headache from switching systems entirely. We're happy to have subscribed to SkuCaster and we're looking forward to our continued partnership. 

SkuCaster customer testimonial

Isaac El-Malah

Manager Sales & Operations Distribution Shooze

Seamlessly integrate with your ERP, Databases and file storage

Empower your technical and non-technical users

Data Pilot GPT RAG Architecture
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