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Natural Language Chat Interface

Build your own ChatGPT capabilities inside your application without sending data to OpenAI

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ChatGPT Chat Interface

Meet our subject matter experts

DataPilot continues to improve and build on its solution offering thanks to our growing network of seasoned subject matter  experts in ERP,  WMS and artificial intelligence.

Charles benoualid.jpg

Adam has ten years experience working with companies across various industries on making them successful and profitable. Prior to building three successful companies in software, AI and consulting, Adam worked as a FP&A analyst for multinational corporations, including Deloitte, where he worked on numerous forecasting projects for various organizations to optimize their spending. 


He brings an entrepreneurial vision and a wealth of experience to SkuCaster to help supply chain teams significantly boost their productivity on forecasting, minimize and eliminate forecasting bias and transition teams to a proactive planning approach.   

Charles Benoualid

Visual Next Founder & CTO

Julia Abittan.JPG

Julia has over a decade experience in supply chain and proficient expertise in all things SAP.  Julia's Supply Chain career spans across the likes of CAE, CGI and a number of different organizations.

At SkuCaster, Julia brings a wealth of knowledge on product positioning and the evolving nature of the supply chain environment. 

Julia Abittan

Supply Chain Consultant, SAP Expert

joel edery.jpg

Joel is the CEO at Dynamic Partners, a distinguished supply chain consultancy for global manufacturers.


Joel brings 30 years of experience from founding his own major socks distribution brand to advising Fortune 500 organizations on procurement,  sales and inventory operations.

Joel Edery

CEO Dynamic Partners

Our Values

We're building the next generation of GenAI tools with a team that is committed to the following ethos...

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Always being transparent


Customer service


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Minimize waste, every time

SkuCaster helps you save an additional 10% of revenue spent on inventory

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