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Train our AI where it matters

Understand customer behavior, predict cLTV, Retention, Churn, Inventory Demand with AI.

Learn how SkuCaster can streamline inventory forecasting for you.

inventory forecast dashboard
SkuCaster GUI

Predict future inventory demand & sales

Predict future demand for any Line of Business, Business Unit or SKU using advanced statistical forecasting techniques  and ML/AI. 

inventory forecasting in excel
Monitoring Inventory

Predict ROAS, reduce churn and grow retention

Apply AI to your marketing campaigns to identify the right customers to remarket, drive ROI and grow customer retention.

inventory forecasting in excel
Forecast Root Cause Analysis

Take action with Predictive Scorecards 

Proactively identify downward trending Key Performance Indicators with Predictive Scorecards.

inventory forecasting in excel
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